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Vita Collagen Water™ - "Vibrant You”

What’s better than applying collagen cosmetics? Drinking collagen Nutricosmetics

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Vita Collagen Water™ makes looking and feeling great easy by combining Nutri-cosmetics with purified water.

MEN AND WOMEN TRUST COLLAGEN! The desire to look and feel our best has increased demand for innovative beauty products. Nutri-cosmetics are the convergence of nutrition and personal care, combining products of natural origin. Vita Collagen Water™ makes looking and feeling great easy by blending Nutri-cosmetics with purified water.

We all know that collagen is the major structural component of skin, comprising about 80% of skin’s dry mass. The skin’s epidermis is affected by both dermal layer structure and environmental factors including ageing, ultraviolet radiation, hormones and nutrition.

The amino-acid content of hydrolysed collagen is the same as collagen. Hydrolysed Collagen contains 20 amino acids, including 8 out of 9 essential amino-acids.

The predominant amino-acids in hydrolysed collagen are; glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which represent around 50% of the total amino acid content. Glycine and proline concentration is 20 times higher than in any other proteins.

Vita Collagen Water™ contains 2.5 grams of VERISOL®, which consists of collagen. Vita Collagen Water™ has also vitamins C and D. This more than bottled soft drink collagen has been created to focus on health, well-being and most importantly guaranteed satisfaction for those interested in looking and feeling vibrant and hydrated.


A bottle with style!

A simple, elegant 400 ml bottle design emphasises the purity and freshness of the Vita Collagen Water™ range. The clean design of Vita Collagen Water™ gives a confident bold look for this start-up brand that will appeal to our healthy and style conscious market”.

Rios LifeStyle Pharma mission is to introduce nutri-cosmetics to the Australian market and to give the industry a sophisticated high-end collagen beverage that has already been embraced in the USA and ASIA.

Rios LifeStyle Pharma was established to introduce a better health alternative to consume VERISOL® collagen.

Vita Collagen Water™ is made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. This nutri-cosmetic product offers three refreshing flavours, blueberry, tropical and coconut.

Product overview:

Vita Collagen brand uses cutting edge, high-end 2.5g of VERISOL® collagen, plus vitamins C and D, which purport a healthier lifestyle and hydration.

VERISOL® collagen:

1. Natural Ingredient
2. Clean label (no E numbers)
3. Highly digestible Bioactive collagen ingredient
4. Non-allergenic Ingredient

Rios LifeStyle Pharma is not a pharmaceutical company.

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